About the Site:

I got this whole idea when I realized I wasn’t getting what I needed from what already existed.

I’m a magazine fanatic and as much as I love lusting after all the wonderful pretty things that fill their pages, the products they feature can be pricey (even sometimes downright unattainable) for a savvy gal on a budget. I’m also, shocker, nowhere near a size 2, and as much progress as is being made on that front – and I certainly am getting super inspired by what I’m seeing – most of what’s featured does not come in my size.  There’s a ton of other reasons I could list but what it boils down to is that I felt there was a hole in what was being offered to all the amazing, smart, talented women (like you ;) ) out there who love a good magazine but wanted something more and I hope this site can be the answer!

Stick around – the best is yet to come!

My name is Paige Strothmann. I'm a 90s baby from NJ  and I hope you enjoy my blog!

My name is Paige Strothmann. I'm a 90s baby from NJ  and I hope you enjoy my blog!


About Me

As I said, I love magazines! They cover all my favorite topics in one glassy little package: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle tips, Recipes, etc…

Why do I love these topics?

Recipes stands to be the most obvious, I grew up in my family’s kitchen watching and listening to my mom. I started cooking on my own as a kid and still love it to this day. There is nothing I love more than trying out a new recipe, food or place to eat. My relationship with food is a complicated one though, I have several allergies which can make eating a challenge but also amp up my love of cooking even more – I love figuring out how to make something so it’s “Paige friendly”.

One of my favorite magazines as a kid was Woman’s Day, haha, I know….I was a 30 year old in a 10 year old's body! But it definitely set the stage for one of my other favorite topics, Lifestyle Tips. Whether planning a party or reorganizing my closet I love being armed with ideas and information so that as my creativity flows I’m informed and can come up with the best plan.

Fashion and Beauty were a later discovery; almost by accident. I always thought of myself as sort of the girl next door when it came to fashion, fairly plain, no particular style – not that I was wearing paper bags, I just didn’t pay much attention to it.  Then one day I realized the way my friends talked about me when that sort of conversation came up – stylish, well dressed, always looks nice, sassy…..it was one of those weird eye openers when you get to see how other people see you. Now, I did not buy into it right away. The first time I was like, “please, come on…” and just laughed but after a few times I was like “wait, really?” and so I started paying attention and there are definitely some days I feel like I should put a bag over my head and pretend to be invisible because I don’t feel dressed to my best, but, overall, I do feel stylish in my own way, though I am still working on owning the sassy bit. As for beauty, that came even later. I’d always dabbled but when I switched jobs last year it took on a life of its own. I was working for a cosmetics giant and as the initial days of working there ticked by I became more and more curious to play with the products I was reading so much about. And then that grew past my company and into all things beauty; I blame the industry trades I read so much of, haha.

hope to touch on all of that and more and I hope you stick around to take this ride with me!